Shelby's Doula Services


I am a trained birth doula currently offering my services in the Kitsap County Washington area! As a doula, my job is to support YOU! I will support you and your choices regarding your pregnancy and delivery -whatever they may be!- and together we will work towards a positive experience.

Currently offering:

    • Birth Doula Services

    • Labor Support

    • TENS unit pain relief

    • Lactation Support

    • Postpartum Doula Support

    • C-Section Support

    • Hospital Births

    • Birth Center Births

    • Home Births

    • Virtual and Text Doula Support


  • Full Birth Package- $1,250, includes two prenatal appointments where we will go over your birth plan, any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pregnancy and delivery, and line up any resources you may need. I will go "on-call" for you 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date (and remain on-call up to 2 weeks after your estimated due date if you have not delivered), and when you go into labor I will provide continuous physical and emotional support until you deliver. After the birth, we will have two postpartum appointments within the first month to discuss healing, lactation, or any questions, concerns or resources needed.

  • Postpartum Package- $35 per hour. This includes newborn care, light housework, lactation support, sibling relief and assistance with introductions, laundry, and emotional support for the entire family.

  • Virtual Doula Support- $550, this includes continuous virtual labor and delivery support, as well as text and phone call access at any time for questions, concerns, or just needing a little support.

  • Appointment Support- Sometimes it's difficult to know what to ask of your care provider. I offer appointment support, helping you to get the most informed care possible. This includes going with you to in-person appointments (if allowed by care provider) or providing phone call/video call support. Rates may vary, contact me for details.

See options for reduced rates on my "Contact Me" page.

10% of each fee paid will go into a fund for offering pro-bono services in the future - check back for any updates on that.

COVID-19 Disclaimer:

Due to the pandemic and wanting to keep not only my family safe, but also you and yours, I will only be taking on clients that are fully vaccinated and can show proof of vaccine status at our first appointment. I myself am also fully vaccinated and have no problems showing proof of such.

My birth philosophy is that everyone deserves an informed, positive, and affirming labor, delivery, and postpartum period regardless of who you are, your financial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or race. My goal is to put that into practice and ensure that my clients are always informed and comfortable with whatever happens next, no matter the circumstances. I will be by your side supporting you in whatever ways you need. Let's work together!